Environmental Efforts

 At Damselfly, our love for flowers goes hand in hand with our respect for the Earth. We believe that true beauty flourishes in harmony with nature. This guiding principle has led us to make a significant decision, reflecting our deep commitment to sustainability.  


  • Transition to Recycled Packaging: Our packaging materials are 100% recycled, significantly reducing our waste and carbon footprint. 
    • Phasing out floral foam: Recognizing the environmental impact of floral foam, we're working toward eliminating its use. This means more labor-intensive methods to ensure the flowers are secure and presented beautifully.  
    • Local Farm Sourcing: By sourcing flowers from local farms, we're reducing transportation emissions and supporting our community’s economy.  
    • Sustaining Green Practices: This fee will fund ongoing and new green initiatives, ensuring that our operations contribute positively to environmental conservation. 
          Your understanding and support mean the world to us, and together, we can make a difference for our planet